$40,000 Capital Required

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KidzArt - Where Creativity Meets Opportunity!

Why KidzArt? 

At KidzArt our professional staff is committed to your success. You don’t have to be an artist, teacher or business person to join us. We offer training and support that is second to none. Our system has a 25 year proven track record. KidzArt is now being offered in hundreds of venues, with new opportunities being introduced to our system daily. You will benefit not only from the experience of our staff, but from that of our current franchisee partners. We are a family of business owners who share and grow together.

Own a business that enriches the lives of young and old alike

With art, there are no wrong directions, no mistakes, no failures. Our teaching techniques build a student’s confidence by showing them how to succeed. By creating something new each hour class, having FUN every time, and by varying the mediums students WOW themselves, parents, community leaders and educators every class. A students success is evidence by the confidence they display as their skill and accomplishments grow. We keep students for a long time because our curriculum doesn’t repeat. We teach ages 2-102. Our many revenue streams add volume to your business.

Using art to circumvent limiting beliefs and build confidence

Our mission and mandate came from the question: How do you provide a structure where students feel safe, have fun, learn new skills, feel inspired, shed old limiting beliefs and look within for answers? It's a tall order that we fulfill on a daily basis. KidzArt provides the conditions for developing and nurturing creativity with the KidzArt Method™ used in our classrooms, together with an extraordinary, proprietary curriculum that extends to all age groups. Students go from limiting beliefs to "I CAN" create, often within an hour. We chose art as the vehicle because we are all innate artists who can't seem to get enough of it when exposed to the right kind of instruction and method! Most importantly, acquiring this confidence in an art class can be
generalized and carried over to other areas in life. You would be amazed at what
students will try next!

Inspiring the innovators of tomorrow

Learning to perceive in a new way- with KidzArt and its programs for all ages, students learn to see the world differently. We offer visual and perceptual tools that are easy to learn. We make problem solving an exciting, fun, transforming experience! Our lessons are developed to be challenging without being frustrating. KidzArt helps to create WINNERS and ultimately, THE INNOVATORS OF TOMORROW by developing and challenging them!


  • All inclusive initial training, support and business tools.
  • A portable business model – storefront not needed.
  • Curriculum management software and training.
  • Business management systems to run an efficient business.
  • 4-5 day business training in Jackson, Michigan.
  • Professionally created curriculum and guides added throughout the year.
  • A proven home office business model

Also includes:

  • Quick StART business coaching program.
  • Resident staff artist to answer all of your curriculum questions.
  • Years of one-of-a kind proprietary curriculum/lesson plans that are unique, fun and whimsical, and that meet and exceed the National Standards for the Visual Arts.
  • Localized public relations campaign to grow your business.
  • Ongoing support to ensure your success.

Join the international art education franchise that is bringing the world of art to thousands, and experience the joy of owning a business that will transform your life with KidzArt!


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