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One of the best buys in the franchise industry

Carpet cleaning is a massive market. Every year, home and business owners install an estimated 14 billion square feet of new carpet, and all of it has to be cleaned. Carpet makes up more than 52 percent of all residential floor coverings in the United States, and Chem-Dry has devised a better way to clean it and keep it clean.

Since our founding in 1977, we've used a patented method of Hot Carbonated Water Extraction to attack dirt, dust, oils and allergens in carpet fibers and on hard surfaces.

Our carpets dry more quickly and stay cleaner and healthier for longer than any other cleaning method; we're proud that the Carpet & Rug Institute has given our process its Seal of Approval. Our method is safe and environmentally friendly, with an organic cleaner and no harmful chemicals or soaps.

Our total investment range is $13,300 - $155,534, and we offer competitive financing for your business. You can own a Chem-Dry franchise and join the world's largest carpet cleaning brand, with nearly 3,500 locations in 51 countries around the globe. Chem-Dry is one of the most recognized brands in franchising, and its low investment cost and high rates of return make it one of the best franchise values around.

That's not just our opinion. Entrepreneur magazine has rated Chem-Dry the top carpet cleaning franchise for 28 years in a row. Year after year, Chem-Dry's franchise system earns one of the highest ratings in Franchise Business Review's annual franchisee satisfaction survey; our franchise owners say they love the freedom and flexibility Chem-Dry ownership gives them to enjoy their families and interests.

We enjoy a customer retention rate of 96 percent, by far the best in the business. And our training and support systems are honed and refined over our 38 years in franchising.

It adds up to an ideal business opportunity for a smart entrepreneur. Look at the average revenues for our franchise owners:

  • $292,504 - Average annual revenue per franchise owner
  • $102,036 - Average annual revenue per franchise
  • $24,375 - Average monthly revenue per franchise owner

*Fill out the request information form to schedule a call with a Chem-Dry recruiter and receive a copy of our full Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD.)

The revenue means you can quickly recoup your initial investment of $13,300 - $155,534 (depending on the number of territories and equipment packages you purchase). And Chem-Dry offers ways to make the investment even more affordable, including a 10 percent licensing fee discount for veterans through the International Franchise Association's VetFran program and in-house, low-interest financing - a rarity for a franchise system. We offer multi-unit territories; your Chem-Dry empire can be as big or small as you want it.

Even with nearly 3,500 locations around the world, we're not done growing. We recently moved our headquarters from Logan, Utah, to Nashville, Tenn., to help us grow our presence in the eastern half of the United States, where we're busy signing agreements with ambitious entrepreneurs ready to take advantage of one of the franchise's industry's best opportunities.

Ready to secure a great lifestyle for you and your family by providing an essential service through the best carpet cleaner on the planet? Call or email us today ...

Training And Support That Puts You at The Top of The Industry

Chem-Dry Advantages:

  • The Competitive Edge
    • We’ll train you on our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction process. Our innovative technology is designed to make delivering customer satisfaction a cinch with carpets that are deep cleaned, quickly dry and are healthy for the entire household. With a green-cleaning core solution, Chem-Dry helps you attract, delight, retain and gain referrals from customers in ways the ‘soak and suck’ steam cleaners simply cannot!
  • Low Initial Investment
    • With internal financing plans featuring a low down payment and interest starting as low as 8%, Chem-Dry is helping the right people get into this great business opportunity.
  • Training
    • One week of training at corporate headquarters in either Nashville, TN or Logan, UT  is included. We’ll provide you turn-key equipment, training and coaching. Our ongoing training programs help you stay at the top of the industry while advancing your business skills for success.
  • Support
    • Chem-Dry corporate is backed with a team of qualified industry professionals to ensure that the brand is on the leading edge. This team supports franchisees and works to provide the network with tools and resources to help them win in their businesses. From a technical hotline and online training center to operational coaches and marketing team, you can control the growth and development of your new business.
  • Scalability
    • Chem-Dry can start with as little as one van and build up to more than 20 operational vans. While most franchisees start based out of their home, our single-unit and multi-unit packages make it easy to develop your custom strategy for growth.

Voices of Chem-Dry

“My decision to invest in Chem-Dry came after an extensive franchise search. In the end I was sold on Chem-Dry's lengthy track record of making franchisees like myself successful. Choosing to invest in Chem-Dry became easier after seeing all the office support that is at your disposal. You buy a franchise for that very reason, to venture out on your own knowing that hundreds before you have taken the same steps you're taking. Not to mention I truly believe the services that Chem-Dry offer are superior to anything that is on the market.”
-Clyde McCully, Harris County Chem-Dry, Texas

“I chose Chem-Dry for several reasons. First, was the low cost to get in and the confidence they have in lending money as they do to new franchisees. Second, was the training that is provided. After much research, it is not as likely to find a franchisor that is willing to give that much to the franchisees but it makes complete sense, as Chem-Dry says, "We seek our success in seeking your success." And third, the ability to schedule my own time which will allow me to spend more time watching my daughter grow into a young lady instead of it passing me by.”
- David Sawyer, Chem-Dry of Baltimore, Maryland

I have been in the Mortgage Industry for years and a business owner, in that field, twice over.  Since the housing crisis came about in 2007, the industry and my income has been on a downward spiral.  My husband Mitch, a carpenter by trade, has also felt the effects of the housing crisis and has had no employment in his field since prior to building our dream home a few years ago.  When we lost that home last year and suffered other credit challenges, we decided it was time to pick ourselves up and  make a move.

Mitch had been a Chem-Dry Technician many years ago and, due to this, for the last 25 years he and I have never used any other carpet cleaning service on our own carpets.

When my daughter's escrow closed on her Sacramento, CA home last year, we called a local Chem-Dry to come clean her carpets.  He and I sparked up a conversation and we decided, at that point, to investigate a Franchise for ourselves.   At that point, we took the plunge.

Since I have had two successful businesses in the past, we both felt that we could make a success with Chem-Dry. 

We believe in the process and the products!

Pat Shaffe`


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